Garage Band Basics Workshop

Below are notes and a video (no audio) from previous workshops

Here are some notes from our Garage Band Workshop:

Basic Player



AddingMusicAdding Music

1. Create a new track – choose real instrument

2. Select an mp3 & drag and drop onto track

3. Choose the length of your selection


Splitting tracks:

1. Highlight track

2. Move marker to desired splitting point

3. Choose EDIT à Split

4. Use delete key to delete selected portion (*highlight only portion to be deleted)


AddingMIDIAdding in MIDI (keyboard, etc.)

1. Plug in your MIDI keyboard (USB)

2. Create a new track (choose software instrument)

3. Highlight track

4. Play notes on keyboard

5. Click record button and input

6. Double click on MIDI segment to modify

FadingFading Out

1. Click on the “more” button on track

2. Click on track volume line for fade start

3. Click on track volume line for fade end

4. Move circle down for fade out


ExportingSongExporting to mp3

1. Save file

2. Choose “Export to disk”

3. Save to desktop

Highlights from Garage Band Workshop for iPad – no audio

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