Music of Peru

Machu Pichu, PeruDescription of musical style

The authentic musical style of Peru can be called Andean music (music from the Andes mountain region). The music can be fast or slow but typically have the sounds of the pan flutes (various sizes to create harmonies), the use of the charango (a guitar-like instrument with many strings) and a percussive beat created by a cajon (a box-like drum).

Peruvian Musicians

Typical Instruments Used



Song: La Vida Breve by Pedro Ibanez (guitar) & Dalila Cernatescu (pan flute)

Video Overview: Helpful video demonstration of the pan flute and how the playing of shorter pipes creates the higher-pitched sounds.

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Song: Amor Regresa performed by Andean Band “Los Askis”

Video Overview: The band Los Askis consists of a lead quena player (visible at the start of the video), a secondary cana player, a lead singer, a percussionist playing timbales and cowbells, a percussionist playing shaker/metal guido, and a charango player (far right side).

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Ancient Cultures:

Nuturunas Inca Music with Re-enactment of Incan Rituals

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