The Ukrainian Bandoura (бандура) has a large wooden sound box that is round. It has 12 drone strings that are plucked with the left hand. The right hand plays the 20 to 30 graduated melodic strings. Each string can be individually tuned. This is necessary because this instrument does not use a fret board.






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Julian Kytasty, bandoura player

Video Overview: Bandoura virtuoso Julian Kytasty playing Echo composed by his grandfather. Notice the “drone” strings are used to keep the beat going constantly while the right hand performs the meloldy on the strings closer to the tone hole. Listen to the pitches that sound from the right hand playing the strings at the bottom of the instrument.

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Video Overview: This is a French speaking video and performance on the history of the bandoura.

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М.Скорик ,Т.Шевченко “Якби мені черевики” (бандура)

Video Overview: This is a performance of a bandoura player.

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Мега хит ! Бандура !

Video Overview: This video is of a performance of bandoura quintent.

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