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Make your own musical instrument
(videos and/or directions)

Making Pan Pipes:

Using some cardboard, glue and drinking straws you can make your own pan pipe!

What you need: 2 pieces of open face corrogated cardboard cut into 20cm x 10 cm rectangle, 5-8 drinking straws, a pair of scissors, some glue and crayons.


1. Color the smooth sides of the cardboard rectangles. Line up your drinking straws and cut each straw approximately 1cm shorter than the previous straw. Keep them lined up in order from shortest to longest.

2. Place one cardboard rectangle colored-side down. Count one or two "bumps" from the edge of the cardboard and place a thread of glue in the well. Select your shortest straw and place it in the well with approximately 1cm sticking above the cardboard top edge. Skip two cardboard "bumps" and place another thread of glue into the well.

3. Place you next shortest straw in the well and line its top edge with previous straw. Continue doing this until you have glues all of your straws onto the cardboard.

4. Once you have finished adding all straws to your bottom piece of cardboard, thread a small amount of glue on the straws' sides that are showing. Carefully place your remaining piece of cardboard ontop of your straws. (Be sure to have your colored side facing up.)

5. Wait about 1-2 hours for the glue to dry. Pick up your pan pipe and use the even-strawed end to blow into your pipes to make a sound. Have fun!


Making Maracas:

Learn how to make maracas in 10 minutes with Taylor's "How To" video.
What you need: 2 balloons, some rice, tape, 2 sticks, a pair of scissors, a plastic bag and some paper mache mix (recipe: 1 part flour, 1 part water)


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